Mad ramblings of a Literacy Specialist

Therapy Dogs with Readers March 30, 2009

img_1624Here are some of the photos of the therapy dogs in action: Enjoy!!

This is Lily, who works on Wednesday. She’s all dressed up for the holidays. Doesn’t she look festive, sitting in front of the bookshelf and posing with all of the books?

Lily loves listening to the children read. She’s been working especially hard at learning the letters and the sounds they make. She has some wonderful children teaching her. They practice flipping through the letter cards and naming the letters and reciting the sounds with her each week. Lily loves it!!

Lily also loves listening to stories. She comes in an stretches out on the raised dog-bed in the reading room, ready for her bedtime story. We haven’t gotten a photo of her snoozing yet, the camera always wakes her up! Some of our readers are so good, img_1625_2_21they put Lily right to sleep. Its just like a bedtime story — only better.

Lily is practicing some new tricks too. She’s learning to roll over. She loves performing for the children as a reward when the reading is all finished. Lily is working on some secret new tricks too. She won’t tell anyone what they are, but I’ll be they’ll be terrific too.

Our Thursday therapy dog is King Louis. King Louis comes with his own special reading quilt. The children snuggle up with him on his reading quilt and read together. If you look very carefully at this photo of him, you can see his special reading quilt.


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