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Trivia for Kiddie Lit April 3, 2009

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I’m not a huge fan of trivia questions as a part of reading instruction or assessment — but as part of fun —- count me in.  Trivia can be a huge source of fun and a way of playing games and working cooperatively on a subject.  It can also be a way of documenting surface knowledge — or monitoring that reading actually occurred.

Personally, I take the Crickler News Puzzle quiz at least a few times a week.  It keeps me honest about how well I’m keeping up with the major news stories in the world.   I know in a quick snapshot if I’m falling behind in my reading of the news.

In thinking about trivia questions in that light, I came across a fun kiddie lit trivia site.  They have many, many categories and titles of children’s books — and a trivia quiz for each of them. Click here to take a look at it.

To try it out, I took the quiz on the  Little House on the Prairie series.  This was a huge favorite of mine as a child (I devoured them, along with the silly television series of the day).  I wondered how much I’d still remember from the reading all those years ago.  I only answered the first 30 questions — the rest were from some other added on Little House books (the Martha and Caroline books??? — I’d never read them and had absolutely no idea.  The first 30 questions were about the original Little House books and about Laura Ingalls Wilder herself.  I did okay…… I answered 22/30 correctly.  Not bad for 30 years later.


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