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Poetry Month: Prompts April 3, 2009

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One fun teaching blog, Bud the Teacher, has found a great way to get all of us involved in celebrating National Poetry Month. He’s inviting readers to write some poems and publish them on blogs, his site, etc. If you’re like I am, this is is easier said than done.  Apparently, Bud thought so too.  He’s providing prompts for us to get us started….His first prompt along with his poem can be found here. Its an interesting photograph to jog the sleepy brain and get it moving and playing with language.  I found myself wondering what might happen if we presented a photo like this to our students — didnt’ talk it to death — just let them write.

This might be an amazing activity in a classroom.  I’m thinking this might be a perfect lesson to utilize the SmartBoard —- just upload Bud’s photo onto the SmartBoard and off you go!!!  Hmmmmm —- anybody want to join me in trying this one out???

I’m hoping Bud is going to provide us with more photo prompts to keep us all writing through the month.


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