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Listening To Books April 3, 2009

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cathykinneyRemember this face??? Can you hear the voice in your head???

Good for you!!

Now for the really good news —- This is Katherine Kinney (yes, I know, you’ll always think of her as Mimi) and she’s created a wonderful website for children.

Students can listen to stories, watch videos, and play interactive literacy games.  This is fun stuff.

Here’s what the website has to say about itself:  (always good to let someone introduce themselves, don’t you think?)

FREE – is a free, safe and secure site for children, with no ads or subscription fees.


– Ideal for beginning readers, ESL and even home-schooling.

KIDS VIDEOS – New children’s stories are always being added to the video library.
INTERACTIVE FUN – Animated kid games and great kid activities.
Mrs. P doesn’t look like Mimi (Amazing what happens when you re-do the hair and the makeup —- this is one for the makeover shows!!)  Now, she looks like this:   Wow!!
The music on the site is kind of cool —- I loved it….. the library is slow loading, but that’s to be expected with large sound and video files….. All in all, another great resource for kids  who like to read along with a narrator.  Give it a try —- Mimi said so!!

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