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Good Fit Books April 3, 2009

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weightliftingshoesThis is not the time of year that most of you are teaching the “good fit books” lesson —- but it may be the time of year for a quick little review with your kiddos.

The Sisters gave us that terrific demo lesson with the shoes that so many of you love doing with the students in the fall.  (For those of you who don’t remember, we do have the DVD — come to the reading room and check it out)  Well, one very smart, efficient teacher out there turned the lesson into a snappy powerpoint presentation — I love it.

This is a chance to do a quick review (especially with younger students) using the same lesson, the same images, but a different presentation style.  It would be nifty on the SmartBoard too.

The graphics in this are terrific.  There are a couple of very interactive parts of the slideshow where you’ll want to talk with the students before moving on.  You certainly can tell that this was put together by a teacher!! I would upgrade the sound if I were going to use it in my classroom —- there ARE sound effects, but they’re somewhat sparse — it feels like a whole lot of silence —- If you’re talking through this presentation with students, that might be okay —- I’m viewing it from a computer, all by myself.

Check it out here and see what you think…..


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