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Poetry Resources March 30, 2009

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We’re hunting for fun poetry resources once again (its that time of year, isn’t it??)  Here are a few that I found from the Choice Literacy Newsletter (go Brenda!!).  Can’t recommend them enough — even if you can’t swing a subscription, they’re worth just getting the newsletter (although– fair warning — each newsletter will tease you to death with things you want be need a subscription for —- I warned you!!!)

This is an amazing project from Gregory K. of the GottaBook blog 30 Poets/30 Days will feature a new poem each day in April from top children’s poets, including Kristin O’Connell George, Mary Ann Hoberman, X.J. Kennedy, Lee Bennett Hopkins, Jane Yolen, Janet Wong. . .and many more.  There are also links to interviews of poets and daily poems from children:  You’ll find it HERE

The Academy of American Poets has a treasure trove of resources for April celebrations, including new poems, quotes, lesson plans for teachers, and links for students:  HERE

And my personal favorite —- Magnetic Poetry —-  Students can now create virtual magnetic poems at this site, as well as read recent creations from their peers:  HERE


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