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Trading Spaces: We are not alone. August 19, 2008

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I couldn’t resist that title — sorry.  The whole internet thing always has this slightly sci-fi feeling for me — very “we are not alone” with some spooky sounding John Williams music as the soundtrack. 

Moving right along —– Karen from Literate Lives dropped us a comment on our classroom design notes.  She noted that  Franki Sibberson and Mary Lee over at A Year of Reading are having a Trading Spaces session on the blog.  They’ve invited readers to post photos of classroom spaces after a re-do.  (Karen has some of her ideas and photos on Literate Lives too!!  Go see and remember:  the best teachers are not born, they’re made by the teacher next door!  In other words, it’s not “stealing” if you use one of her ideas — it just makes you a better teacher.  And she does have some ideas worth using!)  Check out the links below for some of the other folks that have added their ideas to the pool. 

Bill — also writes at Literate Lives — you gotta love his library PIT here

Katie D has some terrific photos — I’m personally on the hunt for the beanbag cubes she has — I’ll figure out how I’m dealing with the fire marshall later…..  Check out her classroom here

Now I know that many of you are doing some amazing things again this year (despite the challenges of the asbestos removal and other construction work this summer!)  And I really think that some of you should send in some of the ideas you use in your rooms…. I’ll even help you take the snapshots!!   We can set up a post her to link over to A Year of Reading and participate in this fun event.


One Response to “Trading Spaces: We are not alone.”

  1. Mary Lee Says:

    Let us know if you get any participants and we’ll round them and/or you up on September 1 when we do the round up! Here is my Trading (our favorite) Spaces post.

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