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Common Assessments August 18, 2008

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I worked on a couple of committees this summer and the same theme kept rising over and over again — we need some kind of common assessment.  And it was followed each time by the echo:  something that means something!!

Currently, we have some standardized assessments like the DRP and the SAT and of course we have the good old Connecticut common assessment, the CMT.  But we don’t have assessments that give us real-time information about our kids.  We don’t have information to really know how effective the teaching we’re doing really is.  Who really got it?  Who sorta got it?  Who is sitting there behaving and seeming to get it and doesn’t actually have a single clue what “it” even is?  (I seem to encounter at least one of those every year!)

Common assessments do that.  Good common assessments, anyway.  We surely don’t need another standardized test.  We don’t need to collect another piece of data that no one looks at, no one analyzes, no one even cares about.  We do need information that helps us to teach, helps us to adjust our instruction on a day-to-day basis and makes what we do EASIER

So — I got to looking at the latest new publications from Stenhouse — and whadda-ya-know?  They have a really practical book out on COMMON ASSESSMENTS.  And right now — you can read the whole book online (I do adore Stenhouse for this!!)

So check it out here — and we’ll have something to add to the conversation when it gets going this fall (and I’m betting my bottom dollar, it will get going this fall — hint, hint)


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