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Kids’ Books Websites August 10, 2008

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Most of us are beginning to think about books we might want to use for read-alouds or as Mentor Texts in September.  But — we’re still in vacation mode — and sitting in a library studying books just isn’t going to cut it!  (Although an afternoon in Barnes and Noble or Borders with an iced latte is a possiblity)

I found a few websites to the rescue — these will help — you can wrap your head around some new books without leaving your lounge chair. 

:: First the International Children’s Library.  This is free to use. (Be smart and REGISTER Then select “advanced search”, otherwise you’ll spend a lot of time struggling with tons of  books in all different languages — not fun and definitely not relaxing!!   You’ll be able to see the original versions of some classic stories.  You can actually read the book…click through on the link and see what you think. 

:: Next, Storyplace.  This one is also free to use and is organized by school age groups. They have animated stories with coordinating activities! I’m thinking that it might become a favorite for some independent reading computer activiites for some of those kiddos with special needs who require a variety of media to sustain independent reading over time.   Each time you reload the page, a new set of categories pops up!  Kinda cool.

:: And Rosetta Project’s Children’s Books Online is loaded chock-full of classic stories,  (you’ll remember lots of these from your own childhood).  These are mostly antique, illustrated books.  They’re fun to look at as an adult — and they might play nicely into a study of how illustrations support books, or how illustrators make decisions about their work.  It might be a terrific integrated study with the art teacher??  Any other ideas???


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