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Audio Books July 21, 2008

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Quite a number of us have been talking about ways in which to utilize audiobooks in the reading workshop and beyond.  As always, I’m keeping an eye out for freebies that might help us move toward the goal. 

I also think that we’ll be hard pressed to figure out how to use these wonders (beyond the basic kindergarten and grade one style of listening stations) until we are comfortable with audiobooks ourselves.  I mean, really — have you listened to an audiobook?  Do you know what its like?  Can you predict the problems, the pitfalls, or even the silly pleasures?  What are the advantages or disadvantages compared to regular printed books?  Will they work better for some kids are replacements or supplements?  We can’t hope to answer those questions until we’ve been consumers of audiobooks ourselves. 

So — ta da!!!  A free opportunity to try out an audiobook for yourself.  Simply Audiobooks offers a free download each month.  You will have to register and set up an account — but you can get a different free book each month. If you’re quick about it, the July download is “Children’s Story Hour.”  Have fun experimenting with audiobooks and be fresh and ready when the kids arrive.


2 Responses to “Audio Books”

  1. Mary Burkey Says:

    I plan to stay tuned to this discussion of audiobooks! If you’d like some audiobook educational resources, suggested lists, and more – stop by my blog:

  2. Tracy Martineau Says:

    I listen to audio books all the time in the car and love them. It is easy to visualize what is going on and to predict what will happen. It’s great to hear the talented readers read with expression and fluency (not that I wouldn’t but…). Anyway, I think finding the RIGHT versions of the book is important because it needs to have a really great reader! 🙂

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