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New Classroom Organizing Book June 3, 2008

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This looks like a must-read!! Especially for those of us who really got into the whole Trading Spaces: Classroom Edition last summer.

Debbie Diller is doing some amazing classsroom makeovers. She’s written a book about the process. Right now, one chapter is available online at Stenhouse. You can read for free. You can even download and save it for future reading. The only thing you can’t do is print it (that would be a copyright violation, now wouldn’t it?).

This is certainly a summer reading idea — sort of like reading a decorating magazine about classrooms (hmmm, wonder if that idea would sell?). It will definitely be in my bookbag this summer. If you don’t get to it yourself, you can stop in and visit and browse mine in the fall. But at least take advantage of the free preview from Stenhouse.

Debbie Diller has also got some terrific photos on her blog. You can see the before and after shots of some common areas of the classroom and how she organizes and thinks through making them more beautiful and more useable.

Don’t forget that Choice Literacy has some of the classroom makeovers from the Sisters as part of their archives.


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  1. […] Design | Tags: Classroom Design, organizing Apparently the Debbie Diller book is hot, hot, hot.  We talked a little bit about it just before school ended, but it wasn’t quite out yet.  (I’m still waiting for my copy […]

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