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The Sisters Do It Again! June 2, 2008

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For those of you who are devotees of the Sisters and their Daily Five or their CAFE Assessment system, there is good news!!

The Sisters have launched a new website The DailyCafe .  Like their friends over at Choice Literacy, they’ve chosen to go with a subscription site.  This means that you pay an annual fee for access to the materials on the website.  With Choice Literacy, this has been an extremely worthwhile investment.  I have had an annual subscription to their website for two years now — and I’ve never regretted the expediture (not that much, anyway).  The Sisters site is already live with over 60 video clips of the Daily Five and CAFE assessment in action in real, live classrooms.  The annual fee seems quite reasonable (I’ll be signing up!!)  For right now though, there is a lot of content that if FREE, FREE, FREE!!

Head on over and check it out, especially those of you who are still feeling your way around with the implementation of this in our reading workshop.


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